November 17, 2021

kristyn + josh // arizona studio bridal session


Could this studio bridal session BE any more DREAMY??? *cue Chandler Bing voice*

Listen, folks – I never knew I could love a studio set up so much. Like, I am ACTUALLY obsessed. This studio bridal session FLOORED me and I want to go and do another like ASAP (side note but seriously, if interested, book me now!). Thank goodness for the Arizona creative community and it’s love of creating stunning studios. I MEAN COME ON THIS LIGHTING THOUGH.

Kristyn and Josh are on their way up the aisle very soon, and I got the opportunity to work with them via a mutual photographer bestie and I could not consider myself any luckier. They were a DREAM to photograph and SO much fun to be around – honestly just pure gold. They have such a clear love for each other and I am so excited for them to be married. Perfect for each other doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Her gorgeous dress is from LUV Bridal here in Arizona.

The stunning studio is Studio House AZ, the Warehouse room.

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