what to expect, what it costs, and why it's worth it


Investing in a quality, professional photographer is no easy decision, y'all. I am fully aware of the HUGE commitment it is, which makes ME that much more committed to creating a unique, unforgettable, personalized, FUN experience for you! So keep scrolling to learn about the packages I offer, why you should choose me, and why professional photography is worth it! I have even laid out as many FAQs as I can for you! I want to be fully transparent and upfront so that you feel taken care of, heard, and understood (and vice versa).

what to expect, how much it costs...

All these sessions include 1-3 outfit changes, 1-3 locations, outfit and location guide, introductory video calls, online gallery of edited images to choose from, print release, and more. The only variables in each package are the amount of time, how many outfits/locations, and the number of images you can download.

Starting at $400

This covers a wide range of options, folks - seniors in high school or college (or even in age for that matter!) because these are events worth documenting! And let's throw in maternity, cuz let's be real - you mothers deserve the spotlight. If you need some professional headshots because you're still using that old school photo (oh why btw?), I can cover that for 'ya! Need some branding photos for your business? Well, I am all about supporting small businesses - especially local ones! Basically, just let me know how I can serve you and I'll be waiting!


Starting at $425

Whether you're engaged, expecting a beautiful new baby, marking an anniversary, or just want an excuse to kiss on camera and be goofy with your best friend - I got you, friends!


my packages


The only wedding packages I offer are for Catholic weddings, so if this applies to you (I.e. you are Catholic and engaged YAY!) then head on over to my Catholic Weddings page to learn more and submit a wedding inquiry!

Because everyone I photograph becomes a part of my life and my journey - I hope you end up feeling the same!

You're gaining a new friend:

My guarantee is that this will be an experience - you will laugh, maybe even cry (I don't really know why, but hey, anything is possible!), you will feel empowered, you will know what it means to "sacrifice for the shot", you will discover my true weird side and become more comfortable with your own, dance around like a fool. And most importantly: You will better understand your inherent worth, your inner and outer beauty, and feel what it is to be seen. The goal is to reveal your authentic, natural self.

I'm not just your average, run-of-the-mill photographer:

You're also paying for the creativity, hours upon hours of editing, crazy attention to detail - not to mention insurance, equipment, etc., and all that makes my job a reality.

You aren't just paying for the session itself:

You wouldn't hire your best friend's accountant dad to do your plumbing, right?? You'd hire and pay an expert plumber (I hope)!

I'd like to consider myself an expert:

...and why it's worth it!

I completely understand that booking a photographer can be confusing, especially when there are so many options out there! Along with all of the other info I've provided to set me apart, let me try and layout as many common questions as I can for you, but please know you can reach out and ask anything else you need! I am an open book.

...cuz I am sure y'all got Qs!


I am in Chandler, AZ, a suburb of the Phoenix metro area! And HECK YES I love to travel!!! Fly me anywhere and I’ll be so down.

It all depends on the location, timing, etc! My travel fees aren’t built into my prices because I want to make sure we get the best deal possible for flights, accommodations, and such.

I am a Canon gal all the way, with two bodies and multiple high-quality lenses!

I am all about the folks in love (il.e. couples) and my ladies graduating from high school or college, but I also have a soft spot for branding/lifestyle and supporting small businesses! 

This is different for each package I offer, but it starts at 30 and goes up from there! I am so not about only handing out 8-10 images, I don’t think that’s fair! I deliver all of the culled, EDITED images and you get to pick your 30+, as well as purchase any additional you’d like!

Heck to the no, y’all. I can go OFF on this topic, but I promise you it’s NOT because I am trying to be greedy, and that you really don’t want those files. Besides, would you ask a pro cook to deliver their ingredients rather than the finished dish…?

I will send you the full edited collection via a platform called Pixieset! I go over all the details of how to navigate this platform in my Intro Guide after you book with me!

I provide you with an online contract and invoice (proposal) that includes a way to pay online. The platform I use is called Honeybook, and it also provides a client portal for you to access all files and communication between us!

That’s a no, friends! It wouldn’t be fair to all my full-paying clients, nor to me as a solo-preneur business owner. I will do my best to work within your budget and give you my best options available!

Just a signed contract and a 25% non-refundable retainer. The rest of your payment will be due on the day of our shoot!

ABSOLUTELY!! A huge part of my job is making sure you feel confident in these decisions, as I am the one with the experience and knowledge to guide you! I go over these decisions in detail via my Intro Guide, and we also discuss them during our consultation call post booking!

After you’ve chosen to book with me and relayed which package you’ve decided upon, you will sign the contract, submit your retainer, and then I will send over all sorts of great resources to get us going, along with a link to schedule an Introduction Call with me! In that conversation we finalize location, brainstorm outfit choices, and remain in contact up until the day of shoot when you pay the remainder of your invoice and we HAVE A FREAKIN’ BLAST! :)

Depending on the type of session, I guarantee within 30 days!

See my Catholic Weddings page if you are Catholic and engaged! Also note that a few of the answers to the above questions may be slightly different for y’all!

Fill out my inquiry form! This is the most direct and efficient way, as DMs just get lost!

- Katherine G.

"The brightness you see in her photography is so unique and stunning! She knows how to bring out genuine smiles and laughter from anyone, anywhere. Spending an hour or two with Sarah for a session will be the highlight of your day, if not your month! She makes the whole experience so fun and enjoyable. You can just tell Sarah loves what she does and it shows in her work. You will not be disappointed with the end product, I can promise you that. I would plan another photoshoot with Sarah in a heartbeat!"

"Sarah has such a special eye for lighting and angles."

- Arianna L.

"Sarah not only makes you feel comfortable in figuring out what attire and poses look and work best for you but really hypes you up as the shoot progresses! Working with her not only helped me love myself and my own insecurities a bit more but was easily the most joy-filled photoshoot I’ve ever been a part of. I absolutely loved every photo I got back!"

"By far the most fun photo-taking experience I’ve had."

 - Dominique L.

"Not only are her photos visually stunning because of her expert technical skills, but she’s a radiant personality who will make you feel comfortable, give you the best posing tips, and actually enjoy every minute and every photo captured. I cannot highly recommend her enough, she is a delight to know and work with!"

"Sarah can turn anyone into a model."

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