let's get to (really) know me, shall we?


Listen, folks: if there were only three things I'd want you to take away about me it'd be these: I am all about Jesus, I will NOT hesitate to show my real self (I believe authenticity breeds authenticity), and I want to make all the friends all the time. Thus everything you read about my giggling, dancing, incessant talking, and strong desire to know all that I can about you... ;) I hope that you are drawn to my heart and desire to serve (both you and the Kingdom) and my love for what I do because I simply can't contain it!

oh hey, hi, it's me, sarah

I am most myself when dancing, photographing, and making friends.. 

Kay is short for Kathleen, my middle name and the name of my beloved grandmother. SO much of who I am is because of her, so I wanted a way to honor her in what I do. She is the one who "gave" me my life verse when I was born, Proverbs 3:6, and this verse is also how I remind myself of how I want to run my business. 

"In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." - Proverbs 3:6

And also - yes, Sarah is just a really popular name and I need some sort of distinguishing factor to make me stand out just a bit more...


You know that moment RIGHT as a big laugh is about to explode, that mid-moment? That's what I live for, and what I aim to capture. Revealing authentic, natural beauty in its purest form. I truly believe in the power of a single photograph. They can say so much. But what they say to me, and what I want to communicate through them, is that the beauty of a person does not lie in their external appearance but in the authentic expression of their heart. I want to help reveal the truth of their identity in Jesus Christ. I could even call myself a "mid-moment photographer" because it is in them that someone’s heart is revealed, whether it’s at the top of a laugh, start of a cry, middle of a dance move, and so on. How powerful is that, right?? I believe in the true, good, and beautiful and this is how I believe God asks me to pursue, celebrate, and reveal it. 

why photography?

Y'all, this stuff makes me lose my shiz. I mean, for real. I am like a bouncing kid in a candy shop when I am photographing. I shriek with joy, bounce around, laugh ridiculously, fake ugly cry, karate kick - basically make a COMPLETE fool of myself. (I mean, just go watch my branding video and you will see). But hey, if it can pull out the REAL YOU and make you feel comfortable (because you see how I just don't care what I look like) then that's all that matters! I genuinely want to be great friends with each client, and that nearly always happens because I aim to bring out the real you, and I am not afraid to show you the real me. That kind of authenticity doesn't come around every day!

why choose me?

here are some other things to know... 

strawberries, eggo waffles, cheese, fried rice, macarons (my wedding cake will be made of macarons)

Fave Food:

I always leave at least one bite of food on the plate or one sip of liquid in the glass. I really don't know why. So weird.

Weird Fact:

I've been to at least 11 countries and counting. Favorite spots include Glendalough, Ireland (can you pronounce that?), and Assisi, Italy.


Daily: Lemonade. Literally every day. Special occasion: Shirley Temples. Yes, the sprite and grenadine and maraschino cherries magic. No shame.

Fave Drink:

I am OBSESSED with dogs. Like literally, I freakin' want to pet every single one when I see them. I have what I call "squirrel syndrome" (you know, from the Disney movie "Up"?) but for dogs...no joke.

Fun Fact:

I am a classically trained vocalist!

Special Talent:

My Catholic faith and relationship with Christ. It's who I am and I love sharing it.

Something I love:

facts and faves

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