Engaged and Catholic? Then let's get this party started, y'all!


There would be no greater honor and blessing than for me to be a part of your wedding day. I would not take lightly your decision in choosing me for such a sacred, Holy experience in your lives.

1. My faith is extremely important to me, and I have always prayed for a way that I could serve the Church through my gifts. I so highly value and revere the Catholic Sacrament of Marriage, its sanctity and purity, that I couldn’t imagine offering wedding photography services to any other kind of ceremony.

2.  I wanted to find a niche that fit my knowledge, talents, personality, and passions. My love for my faith and the Catholic community made this the clear path. Niching down is also very necessary in a popular industry such as this, AND it allows me to place boundaries and be selective with how many weddings I take in any given year.

I am sure your first question is this: why only Catholic weddings? Well, there are many reasons so here are a few:

First, I am a Catholic. Second, I am a photographer.

(Proverbs 3:6)

I understand the flow and liturgy of the mass extremely well, including the unique elements of a nuptial mass. More importantly, I also believe the same thing you do and have a strong reverence for the mass, even while ‘working.’

I know when to photograph and when not to, I.e. what’s important to capture within the mass and when it’s important to stop photographing. I also have plenty of experience working with the sometimes unfortunate lighting inside Catholic churches…

I have no problem talking with priests and parish wedding coordinators. In fact, I make it a point to reach out to them in advance to be sure I have all the necessary information and guidelines that are specific to their parish.

I can help you prepare accordingly, as I have much experience with Catholic wedding days and can provide lesser-known tips on how to navigate/plan your day.

Having a shared faith, one that is so deep-rooted, opens up levels of friendship that can rarely be otherwise achieved. It allows for deeper vulnerability and openness. This is the most pivotal time of your lives, and who you have invited into that matters greatly.

I AM SO MUCH DANG FUN. Not only do I prepare and guide you as best I can, make sure you have everything you need, and do my best to relieve stress from you - but y’all know it’s going to be a PARTAY with me around! I’ll be hyping you up all day, making sure you know how gorgeous you are, keepin’ everyone dancin’, and making friends with all your friends and fam cuz that’s my jam! 

I am sure you’ve been overwhelmed with the variety of photographers you have to choose from. Hiring a Catholic photographer is likely only one of many factors to consider in this process. Is there really a difference between hiring a regular wedding photographer versus one who is also Catholic? The answer really depends on your own priorities and goals for your day, particularly when it comes to the marriage mass. But ultimately the answer is YES. Here are some things that come along with hiring ME, a Catholic photographer, for your day:

Why hire a Catholic wedding photographer?

My Catholic Wedding packages are customizable and start at $3400.
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If you’d like to learn more and/or are interested in booking, PLEASE go ahead and fill out the Wedding Inquiry Form below! I AM SO STOKED to hear about y’all’s love story and how God has worked in your lives! It would be such a blessing to be a part of your sacred day! What beautiful miraculous things He has done for us already , right??

Does this sound like what you’re looking for? Am I speaking your language??

- Annie M.

"Sarah made us look like total models (and we are not models!). We had so much fun at our session and are blown away by the gorgeous photos Sarah took of us! She is the best at capturing your candid moments and making you look and FEEL your best. Every photo was so dreamy and had us going “is that actually us?” 🤣 Sarah is also your best hype girl and most fun human being ever! We got some beautiful photos from Sarah but I also got a friend out of it! I’ve never felt so comfortable taking pictures and I can’t wait to take pictures with Sarah again. 😊"

"Where do I even start!?"

- Emily F.

"My husband and I have started working with lots of different photographers around Arizona, and have had a handful of experiences with each one. Let me just say -- Even though we were in cold water and I was wearing a ginormous skirt, we have never been so comfortable at a shoot! Sarah is so personable and so fun to work with. We were literally laughing the whole time and the photos turned out incredible."

"We highly recommend Sarah!!!"

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