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November 17, 2021

santa barbara california proposal // engagement session


OKAY STORY TIME YAY! Are you ready to hear about this Santa Barbara proposal/engagement??

Back in early spring of this year, I did a “just cuz” shoot with Julia and her boyfriend Bailey. We were connected by her sister and then realized we all went to the same tiny college in California! So, of course, we all instantly bonded and had a BLAST. To this day their session is one of my all-time faves 🙂

A few months ago, Bailey and Julia’s sister Rachel reached out and asked if I’d be able to photograph Bailey PROPOSING to Julia!!! BUT the caveat was that it was going to be in Santa Barbara (where we all went to school) because they were going to be finally having their 2020 college graduation ceremony. Both their families would be in town, which made it the perfect time to propose.

OF COURSE I had to make that happen. And so begins the {relatively complicated} process of planning this out-of-state proposal, with Julia believing SHE was planning a grad shoot with her best friends because I “happened” to be in town. But really she was pseudo-organizing her own proposal LOL!

Bailey was adamant that he would propose at this gorgeous spot where they had their first date, up in the hills of Santa Barbara. He knew from that first date that if he ever proposed to her this would be the spot he’d do it…HOW SWEET IS THAT, RIGHT??? 😭😭😭

Julia will say she knew what was happening as soon as we were halfway up to this unique spot in the hills. But it wasn’t until she saw him standing there waiting that she truly believed what was about to happen…

She would say yes, and both their lives would change forever, eternally entwined.

I am so honored to be a small part of this story, and I wish them all the love and blessings in the world. NOW LETS PARTY WOOOO!!!

Want to book your own proposal or engagement session?? Send me a note! Oh and go check out the post about this session on IG!

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